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Your Boyfriend is Cheating
He Says "No" but the Signs of a
Cheating Boyfriend Say Otherwise

Your Boyfriend is Cheating - Signs of a Cheating Boyfriend - Get Relationship Help Today The furthest thing from your mind was the discovery that your boyfriend is cheating...

But imagine this. You've been seeing a man you are really "into" for some time. From your perspective, things have been going really well. You know each other's friends. You enjoy spending time together. Maybe you've had the opportunity to meet one another's families. You and your boyfriend have chemistry and a bond that appears to grow stronger everyday. You haven't said so out loud, but you've started to think about a future together - including love, children, and your first home. It's an exciting time - isn't it?

But suddenly - without warning - you discover there's someone else. Even worse, your boyfriend is cheating and doesn't seem to think there's a problem. What happened? You're in the middle of a relationship breakdown triggered by a very different set of expectations.

Your Boyfriend is Cheating -
The Complexities of Casual Dating

Casual dating can be defined as a relationship between two people who want to get to know one another, without commitments or guarantees. Though this type of relationship does not promise exclusivity, the devil - as always - is in the details. From the female perspective, the more time you spend with someone, the more likely you'll expect a future together. Otherwise, you could spend your free hours with work, your friends, or your pets.

Therein lies the "Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus" rub. If your boyfriend is cheating, it may be because he doesn't view the relationship as seriously as you do. Realizing that you have a cheating boyfriend, made even worse by the discovery that you haven't been taken seriously as a partner, can lead to increased feelings of shock, hurt, anger, and humiliation.

Your Boyfriend is Cheating -
How Did This Happen?

It's important to realize that you're not alone. A common relationship landmine is the tendency by men and women to view a romantic connection differently, especially if that bond is in its early stage of development.

Many men equate casual dating with casual sex - a lack of commitment therefore meaning no restrictions or boundaries. By contrast, many women view an extended dating period as a building block toward a solid, lasting attachment. Thus, sexual contact outside the relationship leaves you with the pain of betrayal.

It's important to note that most of the time, the cheating partner knows their actions will be hurtful. Having a cheating boyfriend is one thing, but a cheating boyfriend who doesn't take his relationship seriously is something altogether worse.

Your Boyfriend is Cheating -
Can You Do Better Next Time?

Although there is no failsafe way to insulate yourself from the heartbreak of infidelity, there are some red flags that may alert you right from the start. While the psychology of dating isn't an exact science - and a faithful partner may have some of these issues too - the following warning signs may help you detect a cheating boyfriend:

  Adrenaline addiction - If the man you're dating is into extreme sports, frequently changes careers, and always seems to be "on," this could be a warning sign that a committed sexual relationship isn't on his agenda.

  Psychological problems and/or substance abuse - If your boyfriend is cheating, this sometimes occurs alongside a drug addiction, depression, or other mental health conditions.

  Limited social network - Your boyfriend may be more inclined to stray if he doesn't have many friends, or isn't close with his family. In many cases when a boyfriend is cheating, especially early into a relationship, it may be because it's difficult for him to form healthy attachments.

Unfaithful: How to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend

All of the warning signs may be there: unexplained phone calls, days of broken communication, dishonesty, unavailability too. But before you can be certain your boyfriend is cheating, you'll need to have some real proof. Particularly in the early stages of a relationship, confrontation can be dicey at best. The following suggestions can help you determine whether it's time to seek help and/or confront your partner:

♦ Listen - If your partner's vocabulary consists of little more than a stream of complaints about your budding relationship, that could be a sign that that your boyfriend is cheating - or may be about to cheat sometime soon.

♦ Look - If your boyfriend always seems to be looking around, or waiting for something when you're alone together; if he's on edge for no discernible reason, you may have reasons to be suspicious.

♦ Talk - If your boyfriend is cheating, it is likely that someone else knows about it too. While we're not advocating gossip, it is often true that where there's smoke, there is fire.

Your Boyfriend is Cheating -
Stay or Walk Away?

The discovery of infidelity, particularly in a newer relationship, can be a confusing and overwhelming experience. If you still see the potential for a future with your boyfriend, you may be tempted to forgive and forget (and if you do, you'll need help). On the other hand, if your boyfriend is cheating, you may feel so enraged that you may never want to see him again. Both of these feelings are normal.

It's important during this challenging time that you surround yourself with loyal friends and family, and seek the advice of a professional. A trained Life Coach can help you sort through your complicated emotions - and help you choose the healthiest course of action.

Talk to a Life Coach if Your Boyfriend is Cheating

Create an Action Plan to Save Your
Sanity if Your Boyfriend is Cheating

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