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Is He Cheating? Is She Cheating?
Ways to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Ways to catch a cheating spouse. Is he cheating? Is she cheating? Get Help Today.Perhaps it's a change in daily habits that has you worried, or maybe a sudden lack of interest in your relationship - whatever it is that's fueling your suspicion, there are ways to find out and catch a cheating spouse. If you're asking yourself on a regular basis "Is he cheating?" or "Is she cheating?" then it may be time to investigate.

Top 5 Ways to Catch a Cheating Spouse

1. Monitor cell phone and/or cell phone bills. This is typically the easiest and most logical way to catch a cheater. If he or she is cheating, they'll have stay in touch with the person they're cheating with. The first place to look is in his or her text messages. Most people forget to delete all of their received or sent messages, so pick a time when they're away from their phone for a while - like when they're sleeping or in the shower. Look for messages that appear suspicious, or have been sent to a name or number that's unfamiliar to you. When trying to catch a cheating spouse, remember that most cheaters are very secretive. If he or she has reached a point where they seem to always have their cell phone within reach, try checking their phone records. All numbers dialed or received will appear, as well as a list of text messages.

2. Keep an eye on your bank account. This is another easy way to catch a cheating spouse. If he is cheating, he will likely need money to spend on the person he is cheating with. Log onto your online banking service and look for anything suspicious. Frequent lunches or dinners as well as purchases made from jewelry or lingerie shops will be automatic red flags that he is cheating. If she is cheating, she will likely be spending more money on herself. Be aware of purchases from expensive clothing stores, adult stores, or lingerie boutiques.

3. Keep track of their keystrokes! Most cheaters find and keep in touch with the person they are cheating with via the Internet. To catch a cheating spouse may be as simple as purchasing a keystroke recorder. This program can be found at many electronic stores, and will log all of the keystrokes made by the user. This could lead you to important information such as websites visited and even passwords to secret email accounts.

4. Set a trap for them. When you're trying to catch a cheating spouse, sometimes you'll have to use your imagination. Should you learn that your spouse has secretly joined an online dating site, go to that site and create a profile. List all of the qualities that he or she would be looking for - even posting a photo (with permission) of a friend your spouse has never met, and see if you get a response. If you're not technologically savvy, enlist someone knowledgeable to help. If you have a sympathetic friend whom your spouse has never met, ask them to be somewhere you know your spouse may go after work. Ask your friend to start a conversation and see what happens. If your spouse starts flirting with your friend, then you'll gain a new perspective about their loyalty.

5. Surprise them. The most common sign of cheating is a change in schedule. If your spouse seems to be living a schedule that just doesn't quite add up, try the element of surprise. If you travel often, tell your spouse that you'll be out of town on business for a few days, and then "come home early." Even something as simple as showing up unannounced at your spouse's place of employment for lunch or an after work meeting can provide some evidence that he or she is cheating.

Once you've taken all the steps to catch a cheating spouse and you find that your suspicions are justified, you may feel lost and be wondering where to go from here. Dealing with the emotions brought on by a cheating spouse can be a difficult wave to ride alone. Seeking professional help from a Life Coach can guide you down the path to putting your life back together.

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