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Are You Living with a Sex Addict?
A True Sex Addiction is a Serious Problem

Sex Addiction | Sex Addict | Addicted To Sex | Sex Addiction Counseling | Sexaholics | Get Help Today - Call (805) 964-6574In your wildest dreams, you never imagined your husband would cheat on you - let alone struggle with a sex addiction as well. You were devastated by the affair; now you're stunned by the realization that he may be a sex addict too.
From the pornography on his computer to the credit card charges for chat lines - the evidence can't be disputed. But even so, can someone truly be addicted to sex?

What happened to the decent, responsible, all-around-good-guy who used to be your husband? Can he now be one of those sexaholics you saw on Dateline?

Sex Addiction Defined -
What is a Sex Addict?

Like all addictions, sex addiction involves a pathological relationship to an experience that alters one's moods. A sex addict, like all addicts, is someone who continues such behaviors despite decreased pleasure and the negative and serious consequences they bring.

Like other addicts, a sex addict becomes preoccupied with a behavior that is used to numb his or her feelings. Most people who struggle with sex addiction are men, and their sex addiction becomes the most important need in their lives. Sex addicts are likely to be judged by society even more harshly than other addicts. It would, therefore, be normal for you to experience a great deal of shame and disgust toward your husband as you see how his sex addiction plays out.

Can a Relationship with a Sex Addict Work?

If you're brave enough to try to make your relationship work, you'll have to find it in your heart to work on forgiving a man who has hurt you and is likely to hurt you again. Living with a sex addict is a continually heartbreaking experience. People with a sex addiction often have a history of emotional and sexual abuse. They are also known to be shameful, suicidal, and prone to other addictions too. With all of this "baggage," a sex addict is likely to disappoint you again and again.

Your husband is probably in dire need of sex addiction counseling, and you, too, need the help of a qualified professional if you wish to heal a marriage that is sure to be quite fractured. A relationship coach or therapist can help you take care of your own needs while providing you with valuable support.

Understanding the Sex Addict -
How to Tell if it is Really a Sex Addiction

Sometimes, it is difficult for wives to tell if their husbands are sex addicts, serial cheaters, or people with personality disorders that include compulsive behavior. Sexual addiction can often look like something else - from a manic state to the typical antics of a guy who thrives on being a Don Juan.

How to Tell if He Really is a Sex Addict

Clinicians often find that patients with Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder, Impulse Disorder, or Bipolar Disorder may resemble those who have a sex addiction so it's important to separate one from the other.

You'll need the help of a professional to determine if your husband has a true sex addiction or some other problem instead. Some surefire signs of a sex addiction, present over six months or more, may include:

An intense preoccupation with sexual urges, fantasies, and behaviors

Lying or minimizing their involvement with sexual activities

Using sexual/cyber sex activities to escape from their problems

Continuous, unsuccessful efforts to stop or cut back on these behaviors

Withdrawing and becoming frustrated over their inability to stop engaging in addictive behaviors

Denying the risk and seriousness of sexually addictive behavior, despite their obvious consequences

Wasting time and neglecting their other responsibilities because of their sexual preoccupations

Getting Control of a Sex Addiction

Helping your husband gain back the control that is inevitably lost to a sex addiction is a crucial part of healing yourself and your relationship too. You just can't go at it alone.

See a professional to help you get past all the hurt and disgust that you feel as the wife of a sex addict. A relationship coach can show you how to envision what you'd like your relationship to look like and help you take the steps necessary to get it there. He or she can help you develop more empathy for your husband too.

You should encourage your husband to seek help as well. He'll need sex addiction counseling if he wants to win the difficult battle of sex addiction. If you want to stay together, you'll need all the support you can get in navigating the challenges of a relationship with a true addict.

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