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How to Get Your Ex Back
When Your Long Distance
Boyfriend or Girlfriend is Cheating

How to get your ex back - talk to a Life Coach for helpYou thought for sure your partner would be faithful to you when you agreed to live apart, but now you're wondering how to get your ex back... back where they belong... back in your arms once again...

The business world has gone global. Academic interests and career development plans often require a period of separation, for a shorter or longer time, depending on the situation. In a committed relationship, you may end up living over here, while your partner - at least for awhile - lives over there.

Even the most secure relationships require effort, patience and time. Add distance to the mix and things can get... complicated.

Couples in long distance relationships are more likely to worry about the faithfulness of their partner, and they may spend more time than traditional couples wondering if their girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating. Conventional wisdom suggests that when you can't keep an eye on your lover, they may be more tempted to stray.

However, when cheating does occur, due to the extenuating circumstances of your relationship, you may find yourself unwilling to go your separate ways. Rather than trying to decide how to dump your partner, you may be wondering how to get your ex back instead!

How to Get Your Ex Back -
Signs that Your Long Distance
Boyfriend or Girlfriend is Cheating

The signs of infidelity tend to look the same across relationship types: secretive phone calls or emails, unexplained breaks in communication, loss of interest in spending personal time with one's partner. But due to the complexities of a long distance relationship, changes like these may be harder to identify - and may be easier to dismiss as meaningless.

But there are some warning signs specific to long distance commitments which you should make note of and pay attention to:

Shorter phone calls/emails - Your girlfriend or boyfriend may be cheating if those long talks into the night, or your lengthy give-and-take email discussions, have become brief, more formal - or have adopted a less romantic tone overall. Even worse, your boyfriend or girlfriend may have stopped responding to your letters and emails. While this behavior could indicate a simple lack of interest, in many cases, infidelity may be worming its way into your relationship.

Reduced eagerness to visit - Previously, your girlfriend or boyfriend seized every long weekend, holiday, or airfare special as an opportunity to reunite with you. Nowadays, there never seems to be enough time, money, or interest to connect in person. In this scenario, it's possible that your girlfriend or boyfriend has made spending time with someone else their priority.

New friends - Of course you don't want your partner to morph into a shut-in when you two are forced to live apart. And it's healthy to establish new connections with peers and co-workers at times. But if your partner is vague with you about who these new friends are or the activities they share, you may be dealing with a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend.

How to Get Your Ex Back -
Repairing the Relationship After Infidelity

Maybe you already know that your partner's been unfaithful, but you're not ready to give up without a fight. Perhaps you understood from the beginning that your long distance relationship would need more work. Are you ready to do whatever it takes to make things right between you again?

The first step is an honest conversation - if you're sure you can control your feelings of betrayal, anger and hurt. You'll need to be very careful when confronting your partner with allegations of infidelity - especially if your goal is to save your relationship while doing so. Consider the following to help you figure out how to get your ex back:


♦ Listen to your gut - Though the separation between you may account for occasional lapses in communication, trust your instincts overall.

♦ Let your partner talk - While feeling angry and betrayed, you may be tempted to label your boyfriend or girlfriend's behavior as indefensible. But if you're trying to figure out how to get your ex back and save your relationship from a meltdown, you will need to do some listening.

♦ Decide what you want - Before you two sit down for a heart-to-heart talk, be clear with yourself about what you hope to accomplish. Whether you ultimately decide to sever the relationship, or try to work towards forgiveness, you will always communicate more effectively while understanding what you hope to achieve.


♦ Don't jump the gun - Though long distance relationships do create a vacuum for suspicion, don't accuse your partner of cheating without some evidence. If your partner is innocent, your relationship may end because of a lack of trust.

♦ Don't use threatening language or physical intimidation - If you're afraid you'll lose control when confronting your partner, sleep on it instead. Wait until you're able to think and act rationally. Seek the advice of a trusted family member, friend, or Life Coach to help you determine the best course of action.

♦ Don't numb your pain with drugs or alcohol - While the discovery of an affair can be devastating, resist the urge to self-medicate. You'll need to think and act very clearly and allow yourself to experience pain to come out the other side with a stronger, more committed relationship.

♦ Do not seek revenge - If you're looking to repair your broken relationship, the last thing you'll want to do is engage in an affair yourself. While the urge to inflict the same pain on your unfaithful partner may be understandable and very tempting, doing so will not place you on the path to reconciliation.

How to Get Your Ex Back -
Ultimatums Can Backfire

Despite the suffering you've endured as a result of your partner's affair, if you're certain you want to work through your feelings and try to pick up where you left off, considering the following carefully.

First, are you sure what your boyfriend or girlfriend wants? If not, then your delivering an ultimatum like "Stop seeing him/her or else!" can produce consequences you never intended.

In cases where one half of a long distance couple has strayed, the affair may have been the result of loneliness, frustration, or some other mitigating factor.

With this in mind, if your boyfriend or girlfriend already has one foot out the door, your ultimatum could be the push they'll need to finally stop seeing you altogether.

How to Get Your Ex Back -
When to Persist and When to Quit

Coming to terms with a long distance relationship complicated by your partner being unfaithful may lead to anger, sadness and a feeling of betrayal you may not have previously thought possible.

Whether you ultimately decide to end or rescue your long distance relationship, you will in either case need plenty of support as you work through the web of your emotions. It is always recommended that you seek the assistance of a Professional Life Coach to help you manage your feelings and determine the best steps to take next.

How to Get Your Ex Back -
Talk to a Life Coach for Support

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