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Divorce Advice for Men
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Divorce Advice for Men - Get divorce help from Jay Reiss, Professional Life CoachNeed divorce help? Here is some critical divorce advice for men. You've just had the ultimate marital bomb dropped on you: your wife has asked you for a divorce. Or maybe you're finally at the end of your rope, and you're considering a divorce yourself. You may never have thought this day would come, but the truth is you need divorce help right now. This article is designed to offer guidance - and our professional divorce advice for men.

This can be an especially painful time for fathers and husbands who view the success or failure of the family unit as evidence of their own self-worth. It is tough to dissociate oneself from the stereotypical image of a husband as the head of the family - a solid and wise provider. When a marriage falls apart and ends in divorce, disappointment and sadness come next.

Divorce Advice for Men:
Women Typically Lead the Way

Two-thirds of all divorce filings are initiated by women. But why? One theory is that women tend to be less guarded with their feelings than men. Women devote more of their day-to-day thoughts to immediate family concerns, including their marriages. They purchase the lion's share of self-help books when they feel their relationship is in trouble, and they are typically the first to seek divorce help. When dissatisfied, a woman may complain about her marriage to her closest friends. More so than men, a woman will seek divorce help if her marriage problems don't improve over time.

On the other hand, men have a tendency to internalize their dissatisfaction, in many cases viewing their discontent as a weakness. This discourages men from seeking assistance, in spite of the fact that divorce help might be in their best interest. Some men become so accustomed to their partner's dissatisfaction that they begin to tune it out, believing this is necessary for their survival. Others may feel overwhelmed by the expectations placed upon them, and need divorce help but don't know where to find it.

The male and female perspectives have been offered to highlight the different coping strategies between the sexes.

If your wife has only recently broken the news that she wants to end your marriage, make sure you take some time to process the information. Get divorce help before you respond. An experienced Life Coach can help you formulate an Action Plan.

Divorce Help: When You Want Out

Once you've made a decision to get divorce help and terminate your marriage, the next few weeks and months are going to be tough. Even when you're certain you are taking the right steps, a divorce changes everything, forever. So bear this in mind and give yourself plenty of space to work through all the issues that arise.

Common Reasons Men Seek Divorce Help

Though the reasons for marital dissatisfaction are similar for both sexes, men tend to have a slightly different take on some of the details:

Emotional cruelty - While providing divorce advice for men we commonly refer to this as exaggerated nitpicking or criticism. Men often seek divorce help when they are left with the feeling that "they can do no right" by their wives or significant other.

Controlling behavior - As a general rule, men do not like to be dominated. They prefer a sense of control over their own environment. If that control feels somehow at risk, this may cause a man to seek divorce help or advice - especially when the foundation of his life starts feeling shaky. Men find it especially difficult having to account for every action and dollar spent.

Infertility - This is a tricky one, as in most cases, there is no one to blame for a lack of conception. Be that as it may, the urge to spread his seed is a natural male instinct. When we provide divorce advice for men, in the absence of a vasectomy, fertility issues may be seen as grounds for divorce.

Sexual Frigidity/Infidelity - It might sound like a cliché, but sexual desire plays an important role in a man's life. A sex life marred by sexual incompatibility or adultery can lead a husband to seek divorce help - and ultimately an end to his marriage.

When You Want Out:
How to Tell Your Wife

Our divorce advice for men always takes into account issues like the division of assets and child custody, two areas in which men are often seen at a disadvantage in the negotiating process. In this case, any divorce help should take into account the need to act cautiously. It may be to your advantage to seek legal advice, the assistance of a Life Coach, or both, in determining the best way to break the news to your spouse.

The following guidelines are suggested in combination with professional divorce help:

Before initiating any discussion with your wife, be absolutely certain you want a divorce. The best divorce advice for men is that they first be satisfied that any and all counseling options have been exhausted before proceeding. This will limit the possibility of future regret, or accusations of abandonment by your wife.

As mentioned above, seek divorce help in the form of legal counsel before you confront your spouse. He or she can warn you of any potential litigation issues.

Find a private place to break the news. If you have children, make sure they are elsewhere with a reliable caretaker.

Don't mince words. State your position, and what you want, clearly. If you back down as a result of tears or pleas, the likelihood is that you will only return to Step One in seeking divorce help again, later.

Be kind, as much as possible. Keeping a civil tone in the conversation will benefit you both in the long run. Resist the urge to bring up old hurts and injuries.

Divorce Advice for Men:
When Your Wife Wants Out

We have outlined the type of divorce help you will need, and how to create an Action Plan with a Professional Life Coach when you are the one filing the paperwork. On the flipside, what kind of divorce help does a man need when he's the one on the receiving end of a breakup?

It is normal - and realistic - to have feelings of surprise, rejection, anger and pain. But not so realistic, as a rule, to deny your wife's decision. If your wife wants to leave your marriage, you will need divorce help - there is simply no getting around that. The good news is that you can and will learn to heal, let go and move on. Your life is far from over - and working with a Professional can help you get through this.

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