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Had Enough Cheating Men in Your Life?
Learn How to Deal with Infidelity

Cheating Men | Learn How to Deal with InfidelityConsidering your experience with cheating men, you figure you should have published a book by now on how to deal with infidelity in relationships. Maybe that's what it would take for your girlfriends to understand why you've been putting up with a whole string of bad boys.

But if it occurs to you that YOU don't understand why cheating men keep appearing in your life, then read on for important lessons - and an invitation to change - while we teach you how to deal with infidelity.

Why Your Relationships
with Cheating Men become Toxic

Although it may be apparent that staying in a relationship with a man who is physically and/or emotionally involved with someone else is not the brightest idea, you might fail to understand just how damaging relationships with cheating men can be. Your love, both patient and unconditional, may blind you to the harmful nature of your relationships. You might be thinking that you and your significant other could epitomize the perfect couple - if you only knew how to deal with infidelity.

Although some cheating men have affairs solely for the physical pleasure they provide, it is more likely that infidelity is a symptom of something deeper.

Check the following signs to see if you're in an unhealthy relationship:

 Your relationship is imbalanced. It always seems like your partner puts in less effort than you.

 You're having communication problems. Whether you can't discuss anything without getting into a screaming match, you're unable to express how you truly feel, or you've had a complete breakdown in communication, your dialogue (or lack thereof) is a definitive issue.

 Your needs are never met - and you are in a frustrating and endless battle to get what you deserve.

 You are co-dependent - and your moods depend on his behavior. You feel worthless without him.

How to Assess the Damage From
Your Interaction with Cheating Men

There's no doubt about it: Staying with a man who continuously cheats can shatter a woman's self-esteem and hinder her happiness in life. It's important that you take an honest look at your relationships with cheating men to determine if you've become that girl. (You know - the one who never quite feels respected and valued in her relationships).

Take this self-test and find out if you need help dealing with infidelity. If you answer yes to the questions below, your relationship and well-being may be in hot water.

1. Does his behavior frequently make you suspicious, giving you the anxious feeling that he's always holding something back?

2. Do you spend a lot of time thinking about ways to make him change?

3. Do you have a history of tolerating the behavior of cheating men because you always fear that you won't meet anyone better?

4. Do you find yourself justifying his actions to your friends, family, strangers... and even to yourself?

How to Deal with Infidelity
By Answering the Ultimate
Question about Cheating Men

The decision to stay with or leave cheating men should be based, in part, on a woman's educated opinion of her current partner's ability or inability to change. While people are different and some cheating men may be exceptions to the rule, there are generally accepted red flags which make a man's potential for change unlikely and perhaps nearly impossible. If the following apply to your situation, proceed with caution:

Cheating Men | Learn How to Deal with Infidelity Your man is physically, emotionally, or sexually abusive.

Cheating Men | Learn How to Deal with Infidelity Whether he admits it or not, you are certain that he believes it is okay for men to have affairs. (Cheating men often have a history or family history of infidelity. They may also have personality disorders that prevent them from seeing the flaws in their reasoning and behavior).

Cheating Men | Learn How to Deal with Infidelity He has a serious addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, etc. and is unwilling to get help.

Cheating Men | Learn How to Deal with Infidelity He won't take responsibility in learning how to deal with infidelity. He sees his affair as something you need to get over and refuses to go to couple's counseling.

How to Deal with Infidelity
by Using Common Sense

When you stop and think about it, the signs were probably there from the start, yes?

The cheating men in your life may have given you clues as to who they really were all along. The good news is you are now closer to accepting the truth.

It can be difficult to distinguish the cheating men who are "fixer uppers" from those who should have been discarded with yesterday's trash. You have to figure out if your man is worth going through the painful process of learning how to deal with infidelity.
Ask yourself if he treats you how you believe a man would treat a woman he loved. Does he continuously show a genuine interest in you?

Is he deeply sorry about the effect of his behavior on your relationship and is he willing to abide by your rules to prove his loyalty? Does he make you an important part of his world?

If you feel that deep down you know the truth and that you probably always did, you may benefit from working with someone who could empower you and your life by helping you to become much more self-confident.

A relationship coach can show you how to deal with infidelity by helping you understand why you stay in these relationships. You can learn how to break the cycle of relationships with cheating men while transforming your life so you're no longer vulnerable.

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