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Your Girlfriend is Cheating
How Facebook and Other Social Networking Sites May Lead to Infidelity

If your girlfriend is cheating - get help todayYour girlfriend is cheating, suspected of cheating, or may be about to cheat. But forget what you knew in the past about traditional methods of infidelity. There are no late night phone calls... no unexplained letters... and no hotel receipts to explain. In the 21st century when your girlfriend is cheating, she won't be discovered like a stereotypical affair. The enemy, in this scenario, isn't even another human being. Your partner has found intimacy outside your relationship with the help of social networking sites.

Your Girlfriend is Cheating -
What is Social Networking?

Wikipedia defines social networking as any service focused on "building online communities of people who share interests and/or activities, or who are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others. Most social network services are web based and provide a variety of ways for users to interact, such as e-mail and instant messaging."

Some popular social networking sites include Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. All of these sites help you reconnect with old friends, look for a new job, or share photos with family members. This all sounds fairly harmless, doesn't it? But if you suspect that your girlfriend is cheating, this innocent hobby could start raising red flags.

You may already know someone who was unceremoniously "dumped" on these sites. When their cheating girlfriend or boyfriend changed their profile to "single," the whole world knew their relationship was over.

Though there are innocent ways to use social networking sites, any one of them can lead to big trouble. And if your girlfriend is cheating - and cheating online - her affair may have already started.

Your Girlfriend is Cheating -
Why Social Networking Sites Breed Infidelity

Social networks like Facebook keep people connected and offer ways to share the news in our lives. But some people create profiles under the guise of "friendships" when the truth is they're looking for more.

So what attracts cheaters to social networking sites? Here are the reasons to begin an affair here:

♦ A need for social interaction is met: Many people create a profile on Facebook with the best of intentions, no doubt. Others however, with ulterior motives in mind, may participate on more than one level. If your girlfriend is cheating, from the moment she joined, your relationship was headed for trouble.

♦ A legitimate cover: Given the substantial number of justifiable reasons for participating in some form of social networking, it is very likely that if your suspicions are aroused, they can easily be countered and explained.

♦ "Safe" intimacy: Your girlfriend may be forming connections with individuals from other states, countries, even continents. As long as this contact is made from behind a computer, your partner may feel that the chance of discovery is limited. She may even feel her new friendships are harmless.

Your Girlfriend is Cheating -
Social Networking and the Warning Signs

Perhaps you already suspect your mate of infidelity based on the time she's spending on social networking sites, but at this point you just can't be certain. If you find yourself wondering, "Is my girlfriend cheating?" here are some Red Flags to consider:

1. Secretive web habits - In the past, your girlfriend was constantly calling you over to the computer to show you funny emails, photos or other comments posted to her Facebook profile. Now when she's online, you're barely in the room. She minimizes windows or chat boxes the moment you appear, or becomes defensive when you question her activities. These behaviors are reliable indicators that your girlfriend is cheating - or may be headed in that direction sometime soon.

2. Unexplained profile/account changes - One of the signs of a cheating girlfriend is the sudden development of alternate screen names, email addresses or web pages. Your girlfriend has been on Facebook for years, so why the sudden need for an additional profile? Good question.

3. Increased time invested in social networking - If your partner used to login every once in awhile, but now can't seem to get in the front door fast enough before rushing to the computer, it's quite possible your girlfriend is cheating.

Your Girlfriend is Cheating -
Gathering Evidence

Generally speaking, in any relationship, honesty is always the best policy. But if you have reasons to believe that your girlfriend is cheating, if you ask you may not get a straight answer. As the nature of online infidelity is inherently slippery, there are a number of tools available for gathering the evidence you'll need so that you may confront her properly.

One option is to hire an online infidelity investigator. Yes, this is the 21st century and anything (including this) is possible. If your girlfriend is cheating on social networking sites, these professionals have a variety of methods available to them for the purpose of uncovering an affair.

If you want to avoid the expense of a third party, one of the most effective tools to confirm infidelity is a Key Logger. This software will record everything that's typed into the computer, so you can gain access to your girlfriend's passwords, site history and other information without arousing her suspicion.

To help you decide on the best course of action, it will help if you talk to an expert. With the help of a coach - an objective third party - you'll make decisions about the best way to proceed. A Professional Life Coach can also help you understand why your relationship hit a rough spot, and what may be your best strategies for its recovery.

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